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Service with a Smile provides legal support, including Document Preparation services for evictions, process serving, skip tracing, and court services throughout Florida. 

Our Florida Process Server Division serves the defendants and witnesses promptly and we prepare the required Proofs of Service. 

Our Florida Process Server (s) are quick to verify addresses by checking with neighbors and conducting address checks through the U.S. Postal Service. Status reports are prepared and emailed to you. We will also conduct skip tracing services upon request.

Our Florida Process Server services include same-day court filings and courier services. We provide "Service with a Smile".

As a Florida Process Server we conduct court research and retrieve court documents. We can provide "File by Fax" filings via our Florida Process Server support offices. Conformed face pages are returned to clients on a same-day basis.

We have experienced Florida Process Server (s) working day in and day out assisting Attorney's, collection companies, persons representing themselves (In Pro Per) and others. We have the experience and knowledge required to serve documents according to Florida Civil Procedures.

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